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The Breweries

The Breweries on the Loop

You can start and end the loop in any of the four venues below

Southey logo white.png

Southey Brewing Co.

Tucked away in an alley behind the high street and brewing since December 2016, Southey Brewing Co is Penge's finest (and only) micro brewery.
Operating a 6 Barrel kit, we brew a range of beer from classic ales and stouts through to hop forward IPAs, APAs through to yeast led Belgian & German beers.
Our small team of 4 run all sides of operations from production to our on-site taproom which is open every Thursday - Sunday.
We’ve also been listed in the Guardians ‘top 10 Taprooms in Europe', various trade publications and gradually become something of a Penge ‘hidden Gem’.

BR3WERY Craft Brewing Co.

We are BR3WERY, a micro-brewery proudly born and brewed in Beckenham-BR3. We love beer; love to drink it, brew it and share it. Our craft beers cut to the chase, taste & quality is everything, these are straight-talking characters; bold, proud and full of flavour, and ready for the next round.
Our taproom is located on Beckenham Road, there you can enjoy our fresh beers surrounded by brewing kit and fermenters, also great tunes playing always and good vibes all over.


Three Hounds Beer Company

Three Hounds Beer Co. started off as a market stall at Market on the Green in Beckenham. Our love of craft beer was slowly cultivated through the joys of home brewing, an enjoyment which quickly expanded to an obsession.
Matt, a local resident of the Beckenham area, wished to introduce his community to the eclectic pleasures of craft beer, thus deciding to start up his own business. Our ethos was, and still is, that people deserve to try the most magnificent craft beer around, and so we brought local craft beer from some of South London's finest micro-breweries to sell at local markets. One year later, that market stall grew into a permanent home, closely nestled near Clockhouse station in Beckenham.

Ignition Brewery

Ignition Brewery brews great beer for the residents of Lewisham and South East London.  Based in Sydenham High Street, our busy taproom offers a warm community welcome with inclusive events, entertainment and live music.  
Our team, who have learning disabilities, work on every stage of our beers’ production, including brewing, bottling, sales and delivery.  They are paid the London Living Wage and we are a not-for-profit business funded by sales of beer.  The more beer we sell, the more jobs we create!

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